Hello!  Welcome!

I’m Gabriel Grünbaum.  First thing you should know is that this page won’t be up long.  I saw your opening and just threw this up so that I’d have something to show you.  I’ve been working word-of-mouth up to now and haven’t had the need for my own site yet.  This is a site I’m currently building for another purpose.

My skill sets have been siloed for a long time now.  They include writing (screenplays, novels, copy…), performing, voiceover, illustration, graphic design, photography, digital filming & editing, motion graphics/animation & compositing, video compression and more—including business, where most recently I managed a corporate integration initiative between Technicolor and Verizon.  (On behalf of my client, Technicolor, I flew to Virginia weekly to interact directly with Verizon on site.)  Usually, any job or project I take on, requires around three of my skills at any one time—but it seems like I may be able to put a few more of these into action working with you!  I find that very exciting.

You’ll find a quick sample of my creative work here—for my business work, feel free to check me out on LinkedIn.

Platypus Jack

My character designs for my animated show pitch.  I created the text and layout of this pitch asset as well.

Logo & Identity Design

Some stand alone logos and some logo thumbnail sheets.  There’s also a few incorporated into graphic designs here.


Here are some samples I had on hand of a little glamour and event photography.

Web Site Design

I recently started designing for WordPress sites.  Feel free to check these sites out directly if you’d like.  The Hashing Post contains a lot more of my writing and graphics work all over.  I’m still in the process of creating all the designs and writing the content for Hottrax Inc, but you can take a sneak peek of the current progress here.

Illustration with Graphic Design

Here, some of my illustration work is incorporated into my graphic designs.

Photo Illustrations

I enjoy taking photos and I enjoy illustrating but I think I might like incorporating those photo directly into illustrations even more.  So many different ways to tackle them!  (This includes some images from a piece on Comic Con.)

Digital Painting

My traditional skills are solid but I’ve found working digitally on illustrations these days to be much more convenient.

Script Writing

Here are 15 pages from an example of a “page one” rewrite (keeping only existing characters, adding a few new ones and creating an entirely new story) I did for an animated pilot.

Novel Manuscript

This is the prologue for a current manuscript of mine.  Almost works as a self-contained short story.  Enjoy!

More Writing…

You can find more examples of my writing at The Hashing Post, including articles, journals and fiction.


Here are some sketches that I had a little fun with.

Thanks for Visiting!

I work primarily on PC but can use Mac when necessary.  I’m very comfortable working with Adobe software products as well as Painter, Freehand and SketchBook Pro.  I have previous experience with Softimage 3D and 3D Studio Max.  I’ve worked with so many different software packages over the years that when an application becomes necessary, one I might have little or no experience with, I am confident that I can pick it up very quickly.  I also have experience with a little bit of coding and command line interfaces which I’ve used with various media compression and processing algorithms.  My recent work with web sites has afforded me the experience of linking up pages and accounts with various social media so that they “cross pollinate” easily.

Thank you so much for taking the time to sample some of my work.  Like I mentioned, when I saw that you were hiring, I just knew I had to get something up today for you to check out.  I hope you enjoyed this little sampling, but if there is anything else at all that you’d like to see, please just let me know.  I’m really looking forward to being considered as a new team member!

Thank you,
Gabriel Grünbaum